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Dr. Augustine Che Mofor is the 2012 Award winner
Dr. Augustine Che Mofor voted and honoured as Community Award for Excellence winner

Dr. Augustine Che Mofor receives his award from the president of SOBA Foundation e.V.

Dr. Augustine Che Mofor was awarded the 2012 SOBA - Foundation Community Award For Excellence. This Award is meant to recognize, appreciate and honour the women and men of our community who through their extraordinary hard work are helping to instil a positive image and change the negative perceptions of our African continent and people.
Dr. Che Mofor obtained an M.Sc. from the University of Duisburg-Essen in 2004 and a doctorate degree from the Technical University of Braunschweig in 2007 with specialisation in semiconductor technology for microelectronic, optoelectronic, magnetoelectronic applications and nanotechnology.

He works for TESAT-Spacecom (AstriumEADS) where he currently heads a laboratory for quality assurance of electrical electronic and electromechanical (EEE) devices intended for space flight, mostly in communication satellites and other space equipment like the automated transfer vehicle that carries experimental setups and other payload to the International Space Station. He has been very active within his career both in Germany and internationally, but has not relented his efforts towards nation building in Cameroon and organising the Cameroonian Diaspora community wherever he has lived during his almost 16 years stay in Germany.

Dr. Che Mofor makes a presentaion at the People Empowerment Forum
He started a project to introduce ICT in Cameroonian secondary schools. The project is aimed at enlightening young Cameroonians on computers in an attempt to provide them with future perspectives towards self employment and contributing to nation building as Information Technology has become a corner stone in every economy, be it in medicine, engineering, commerce etc.
Highlight phases of his work were as follows :
June 2004: Introducing the subject to the Cameroon General Certificate of Education (GCE) Board.
June 2005: Preparing a Draft Syllabus for General certificate of Education Exams in Computing and Information Technology at Ordinary and Advanced Levels.
2008: Authoring and publishing a book (Basic Computer and Information Technology for Cameroon Schools) published by CAM-ICT.NET and is now used by many schools in Cameroon.
June 2010: First examinations in ICT at GCE Ordinary and Advanced Levels. Computer-related subjects are now tested every year at the Cameroon GCE, thanks to his perseverance and hard work.

Some of his past activities are as follows:-
• After high school, while teaching Physics and Mathematics, he hosted the Meme Division Branch of South West Mathematics Teachers Association at CCC Kumba. He was also a member of the South West Physics Teacher's Association (SWAPT) until I left Cameroon in April 2007.
• While teaching, he was Secretary General of The Christian Youth Fellowship Fiango Central. He was later elected president mid 1996, but he had to drop this office because of his journey to Germany for further education.
• In Germany, he was elected Vice Secretary of the Cameroon North West Cultural and Development Association.
• In June 2002, he led Cameroonian students in Duisburg to found the Cameroon Student Union (CAMSU) Duisburg-Essen, which he served as President till September 2003 as he finished with Masters Studies in Duisburg to later leave for PhD research in Braunschweig.
• While in Braunschweig, he served as Secretary General (Geschäftsführer) of The African Union (Afrikanischer Verein e.V.) in Braunschweig and environ until he defended the PhD and followed a further career in Backnang (Baden-Württemberg).

Dr. Augustine delivers the Convention lecture during the Award ceremony
He became active again in the church and after serving as Congregational Secretary for a while, he became the Chairman of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, Stuttgart Congregation (, a position he has held since January 2010. He is also a founding member of the Cameroonian Community in Stuttgart and Environ (Kamerunische Gemeinde in Stuttgart und Umgebung, KAGSU).

We consider Dr. Mofor’s efforts to introduce ICT at the GCE to have contributed significantly in nation building. His activities in our communities have helped to organise and integrate Cameroonians in Germany while his professionalism has gone a long way to show that good image of the African continent that is not seen in the Western society because of prejudice.